1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups that “share a concern or a passion for something” and “learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” (Wenger 2006). CoP studies reason that learning is an on-going social endeavour based upon the connections between people. One could consider a faculty, institution or an entire field, as a CoP. Scholarly publishing traditions, such as peer-review and citing prior work help ensure rigor and add value to scholarly literature in a way that is not seen to the same extent elsewhere in publishing. Impact is a frequently used term in research circles. Extrapolated impact predictions are a key factor in determining what research is funded, whereas retrospectively calculated impact metrics are a often used to measure the success of a particular researcher, or a research project. Unfortunately the term impact lacks clear definition. Furthermore impact metrics are often interpreted without a full understand of what is being interpreted. Through reviewing relevant literature, this paper positions itself to question whether the value of CoP should be represented in impact metrics, and whether the shortcomings of existing impact metrics can be mitigated by assessing impact in terms of CoP.

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Source: http://communitiesofimpact.joesart.org/abstract/?replytopara